IT’S THAT TIME AGAIN (and if you dont r

IT’S THAT TIME AGAIN (and if you dont read this you’re lazy and of no use to any of us!)

When shills, feds, trolls and all round assholes wants to destroy something good, (because building something is to hard for morons), they resort to what we call “JTRIG-ing”. A little something we learned from Snowden and Greenwald. They make fake pages to dilute your message and weaken your voice.
They make copies of your pages, like the asshat making The Pirate Party of Norway page which you can see further down on my wall, and then try their best to make sure that you do not get heard.
Whether employed by our government or just an asshat, they really are #Anonymous and #Pirates worst enemies. Snakes in the garden. I am one of the ones burning the grass so we can see them. It will never be pretty but it will be what we have to do.
Now wake the fuck up and then forgive my brusque words when I tell them to fuck off. Someone needs to be the garbage man. – Ray


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