The ‘Define Dignity Initiative’ by Matt DeHart

By Matt DeHart, originally published in The Gad About Town. This is the fourth article in a series of prison essays by Matt DeHart published on Mark Aldrich’s site. The first: “You don’t act like an American,” the second: “Hospitality in Mexico,” and Matt’s third: “Shattered.” Matt DeHart’s voice is one worth listening to. In … Continue reading The ‘Define Dignity Initiative’ by Matt DeHart

A (Secure) Chat with WikiLeaks

Originally posted on The Cryptosphere:
WikiLeaks The Truth Will Win via РЕН ТВ | Новости on Twitter Today’s article comes to us from Interwebs Security correspondent Tyler L. Jones. It is his first appearance in the Cryptosphere. WikiLeaks is at it again. This time, in an effort to provide a method of secure communication between…